There are dozens of ways to contribute to Weblate. We welcome any help, be it coding help, graphics design, documentation or sponsorship.

Code and development

Weblate is being developed on GitHub <>. You are welcome to fork the code and open pull requests. Patches in any other form are welcome as well. The code should follow PEP-8 coding guidelines.

We do write testsuite for our code, so please add testcases for any new functionality and verify that it works. You can see current test results on Travis <> and coverage on Codecov <>.

The issue tracker is hosted on GitHub as well: <>

Starting with our codebase

If you are looking for some bugs which should be good for starting with our codebase, you can find them labelled with newbie tag:

Earning money by coding

We’re using Bountysource to fund our development, you can participate on this as well by implementing issues with bounties:


Weblate is being translated using Weblate on <>, feel free to join us in effort to make Weblate available in as many world languages as possible.